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Case Info

Here we will be discussing the benefits of SEO for start-ups. SCM Design Institute is Fashion, Interior and Fine Arts Institute – this newly started innovative school from the trusted educational society Saraswati College of Engineering from Navi Mumbai – needed an innovative way to “increase web traffic”, “brand awareness” and “Lead Generation” throughout Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and few parts of Maharashtra.
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  • Client:SCM Design Institute
  • Date:19th Nov, 2019
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Case Info

SCM Design decided these goals would be best achieved through a strategic partnership with a DigitalGuruSanjog and his company which has a reputation to work with new brands and start-ups and make it successful. DIGITAL GURU has always helped new brands to make it big.   SCM Design is partnered with “ITS DIGITAL” because of the innovative marketing ideas and capabilities to run Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM) within the budget.



The Execution of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Plan: 



ITS DIGITAL has created a dynamic and SEO friendly website within a week's time due to the limitations of timelines and urgency of launch. SEO Friendly website is very important and the first move towards offering Digital Marketing solutions to leverage the benefits of SEO.


A customized home page with appropriate web content which includes high search volume keywords, engaging writing and well-structured web pages that makes the website more user-friendly for target customers. Strategic planning of “ON Page” and “Off Page” activities helped the website to rank on the google page and other search engine pages within the short span of time (4 weeks or less).  
ITS DIGITAL ran a few innovative organic campaigns, written blogs and organized student interaction programs on the website and various social platforms.  ITS DIGITAL team initially focused on three primary keywords to start with. After ranking on Google Pages, we started focusing on other secondary keywords too. Today, we have more 20+ keywords ranking on Google search engine pages.



Benefits of SEO: 

  1. Primary keywords positions

  1. Best interior designing courses in Navi Mumbai (Ranking on the first page of Google with top 5th position)
  2. Best Fashion Institute in Navi Mumbai (Ranking on the first page of Google with top 3rd position)
  3. Top Interior design institute in Navi Mumbai (Ranking on the first page of Google with top 6th position)


  1. Google Ads Remarketing: 

A study conducted that the majority of consumers need an average of 6 visits before making a purchase. Remarketing is very important to have a strong Google Ads retargeting strategy in your marketing mix. We have used our strategy so we could able to retarget our positive leads and converting them into the sale.



We save Time                               Affordable


Convert to Sales                           Keywords Ranking


Conclusion (The results):


The benefits of SEO always impact on the overall performance of the site and Click-through ratio (CTR). Over the course of a one-month period, two weeks with organic vs two weeks paid, KPI’s saw substantial uplift during the search campaign period, with the activity realizing an ROI of 114%.


The marketing placement brought awareness to the exclusive offers, which included a 20% discount on online registration. 
The success of the campaign not only increased brand awareness for SCM Design in the Mumbai market but increased traffic to the site, with a 494% uplift in clicks. 


Realizing the growth and innovative new site features, SCM Design has extended the campaign through the remainder of 2019.


Uplift from two weeks SEO Campaign:
  • + 494% clicks
  • + 396% sales
  • + 492% revenue
  • + 19% AOV

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