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Positioning in the SEO (search engine optimization) is important!

Over 80% of internet users find their website through search engines!

A search engine report is an overview of how your website is found in search engines. This is the ideal input to get started with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

To get a clearer picture of your situation, your results are compared to 2 competitors, based on the most important keywords.

Search engine reports are brought to you by altex marketing, Estonia's leading internet marketing agency.

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How to improve your web site's "positioning"

In today's search engine environment (SEO), we all know it's getting tougher to get top placement in today's search engine environment. However, there is a solution. It lies in knowing how to systematically program your web pages to be "findable friendly" to specific search engines - while avoiding traps that can cause your site to get buried at the bottom of the list.

The truth is, we are using some simple, yet very tricky ways to dominate the front pages of the search engines... and we know that if your site cannot be found in the top 10 or 20 of the list, chances are your site will rarely be found.

However, by knowing exactly what each search engine is looking for then it is much easier to program your web pages to be found "high" on a list of sites in almost any specific keyword search.


ITS DIGITAL Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy:

Site: Zappkode Solutions (www.zappkode.com)

For the past three month, we have published the most complete and tested search engine guide available. It is updated every month and specifically identifies every known trick & technique for designing a findable friendly web site. The content is written in simple terms that anyone with basic HTML experience can understand -- and successfully use. In fact, we even include HTML code that you can copy and paste right into your page. All you have done is added our own text content with the ease and simplicity.

Yes, ITS DIGITAL can do research on every website... and if we happen to have about two months’ quality time and free hand, we are able to do all of the analysis frequently. We do research and gather all of the latest innovations that the top web site marketing pros are using.

We have also learnt that what works with some engines will get you penalized with others. We have also used Google search console and Google Analytics tools that can easily analyse all the web pages that can be changed slightly to fit the "criteria" of each specific search engine. It's easy, as long as you know what each search engine is looking for. ITS DIGITAL explains everything in "lay" terms that are easy to understand.

It is very specific.. it is guaranteed - that all the websites can rank organically as along as you create content with relevancy and high quality score. You can have it in your possession immediately through our automated delivery processes.

Our experts have invested hundreds of hours of research and tested all of the information for Zappkode Solutions. Our team are literally placing many pages in the Top 10 for a wide variety of "keyword" searches on the major search engines.


Our Research on ITS DIGITAL Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Suggests:

According to the general online consensus (where research is based on unbiased, non-vested comments & articles), ITS DIGITAL Search Engine optimization of Zappkode Solutions is a legitimate, white-hat proprietary method that's working with many of our clients of sites so far.

The interest in The ITS DIGITAL Search Engine Loophole is HUGE: It is now the Zappkode Solutions is one of the best Software Development Company in India and likley to become a mandatory weapon in the arsenal of any serious Internet marketer.



The ITS DIGITAL Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques can help you achieve high rankings for incredibly competitive keywords nobody else would even attempt to target on the search engines. In fact, you can achieve rankings as high as number one, within five days to five weeks.

If you're a webmaster or an Internet marketer, this is something that you definitely want to get your hands on, as it could have you gaining significant a amounts of free, targeted traffic, sign-ups, sales and profits.


Digitalgurusanjog is one of the founders of ITS DIGITAL, really. Sanjog has been at the forefront of the industry since the beginning of Digital Marketing itself. His main business site is www.digitalgurusanjog.com is one of the most highly-sought-after SEO and SMM consultants when he used to take on clients, and he now operates and is involved in many similar projects.