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When we first spoke to Sarasvati College of Engineering based in Mumbai, they were unhappy with their current website situation. They really did not have any success with searching, content, Blogging and the site was lacking a lot of much needed content and information.

Their first and forth most aim is to improve ORM (Online Reputation Management) and enhance their brand value of the College. Online reputation Management in 2020 is going to be big thing.

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  • Client:Saraswati College of Engineering
  • Date:28-Nov-19
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Case Info

What is Online Reputation Management?

What is Online Reputation Management and how can it benefit any organisations and/or your brands? How can you automate the process?

The goal here is good public relations. Being mentioned in social media or other websites can be a threat if there is criticism, but can also generate great benefits if such criticisms are reversed! The material monitored includes professional journalism and user-created content.


Plan For Online Reputation Management of SCOE

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of the SCOE site was very poor as well as the content that was put together is up to the mark. SO, we had to start from scratch and promote it in different approach. We started with adding a blog, user generated comments, tips and tricks, press release and much more. Most importantly they wanted to found on the internet. They wanted to market themselves with keyword pertaining to their business.


Sure, they do had listed on few educational sites ranking sites but the performance was not that good.  Reputation management is anyways a big thing for the educational institutes. Competition is high day by day. SCOE has a decent result in terms of placement. They are very good in arranging multiple activities which helps students to learn new things but utilising it in the form of positive presence on the keyword ranking were difficult.


So, created a Digital Marketing techniques which included all today’s top web marketing tools as mentioned below:

  • Revamp website with the Digital Marketing friendly content.
  • Keywords study and planning to enhance overall presence on search engine.
  • User comments of post
  • Replying to user comments
  • Site SEO Audit
  • Tagging
  • Google Analytics, Google Tag Manger
  • Social Media
  • Google Maps

In the end the results keep getting better. It was a new site with new content so it had took some time to start getting up there and getting traffic but as you can see in the image below for searching for one three keywords they wanted coming up there on the number one page pf google.


Online Reputation Management (ORM) Benefits to Saraswati College of Engineering

1) Improve customer satisfaction by gaining insights from consumers or businesses about what is good and bad about your product or services.

2) Increase perceptions of brand by creating opportunities to listen to and engage consumers.

3) Gain insights about competitors and their customers? perceptions about their products and services.

4) Gain understanding of the relationship between user generated content and traditional forms of online media, e.g. news, print, etc.

5) Provide early warning systems for reactive and defensive PR.

6) Reduce marketing spend by learning how to reach out to customers more cheaply.

7) Help identify gaps for products and services which can be developed for profitable niche markets.


Few rating site improvement after ORM:

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